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Pawn Loans

MidTown Pawn & Jewelry offers 1-month renewable collateral loans secured against personal assets.
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Auto Loans

The auto loan process is simple and quick and, just like any other pawn loan, it can be processed in minutes.
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Jewelry Loans & Repairs

Turn your gold into cash quickly and easily! Bring your gold into our store and get cash for your valuables.
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Layaway Program - Gun Rack | MidTown Pawn & Jewelry, Fort Myers Best Pawn Shop

Layaway Programs

We offer free layaway on any item you would like to purchase from our Fort Myers, Florida shop.
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We pride ourselves on being fair and treating our customers great


1-Month Renewable Collateral Loans

Personal assets that we offer 1-month renewable collateral loans include jewelry, autos, electronics, musical instruments, tools, firearms and more. All loans are renewable, meaning that all loans at the end of the term can be renewed by paying the minimal finance change. All items are evaluated by our well-trained and experienced brokers to ensure you get the most for your valuables. All jewelry items are kept in a secure vault with 24-hour surveillance and security. All non-jewelry items are kept in a clean and organized warehouse onsite. All items are fully insured and are untouched until item is redeemed.

The Pawn Loan Process

With MidTown Pawn & Jewelry
1. Free Appraisal

Bring your merchandise into our Fort Myers pawn shop for a free appraisal by our friendly and professional staff.

2. Agreement

Both parties come to an agreement on the collateral loan amount.

3. Collateral Holding

MidTown Pawn & Jewelry agrees to hold the merchandise for at least 2 months.

4. Loan Terms

To get your merchandise back, simply return within 30 days and pay back the loan with interest. You may also opt to return within 30 days, pay the finance charge on the loan, and renew the loan for another 30 days. Alternatively, you can elect to sell your merchandise outright to MidTown Pawn & Jewelry. In this case, we will appraise your merchandise and offer you a fair price.

5. Ways To Pay

You can pay your finance charge with cash, credit, or debit card. Redeeming an item to pick it up requires payment to be made in cash.


Motorcycles, ATVs, ORVs, boats, and more!

MidTown Pawn & Jewelry’s auto loan process is quick and easy. Just like any other pawn loan, auto loans can be processed in a matter of minutes. We also accept motorcycles, ATVs, ORVs, boats, and construction equipment for pawn auto loans.

If you own the vehicle outright and have a clean title, we can give you the loan at our Fort Myers pawn shop. Just call (239) 337-3769 or bring the vehicle to our location and our certified vehicle professionals will appraise the car in minutes.


Turn Your Gold Into Cash!

Our Jewelry Loan Process

Makes Things Quick And Easy!

Bring your gold into our store and get cash for your valuables. MidTown Pawn & Jewelry buys solid gold coins or jewelry new, old, even broken, and we pay you cash on the spot. Our highly-trained staff will evaluate your gold to determine karat amount of gold (10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k), perform an etching-acid test to ensure its authenticity, and weigh your merchandise for valuation.


Flexible To Fit Your Needs

MidTown Pawn & Jewelry offers free layaway on any item you would like to purchase from our shop. We have very flexible programs that range in down payment and terms. Our down payments are a modest 5-20% of the purchase price and we allow you to pay over the course of 3 to 6 months, sometimes even a year depending on the item. We will work out a program that best suits you! Once all the monthly payments are received for the layaway program, the item is then your property.

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